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A new book comin' atcha

I have a brand new story coming your way! At last! It's called The Love of My Afterlife and will be published by the magnificent Century on June 20th in the UK and Berkley and Penguin Canada on July 2nd in the US and Canada. The Love of My Afterlife also marks my US traditionally published debut - a dream I've held for so long that is now coming true!

To say I'm excited about this novel would be a massive understatement. I wrote it off the back of a long period of sickness and when my writing mojo finally returned it did so with gusto - I had so much to say and endless fun to share via Delphie Bookham and the gang of misfits she meets in London. It's very much a 'Kirsty Greenwood' book in that it is a bit bonkers, unexpected, funny and, I hope, full of heart, swoon and joy. If you like my other books I think you'll love this.

For the first time ever I'm going to be doing events in the UK and US to promote The Love of My Afterlife. The thought of getting to meet some of you in real life is beyond exciting!! I'll update on here when I have some definite event date and I'll also be sharing in my newsletter, so make sure you're subscribed if you're not already.

I've included the blurb to the book below and you can pre-order here (UK) or here (US)


Kirsty 🫧

“This book has it all. Humor, heart, and a heroine I was desperately rooting for. Kirsty Greenwood has a new fan!”—Colleen Hoover, New York Times bestselling author

A recently deceased woman meets “the one” in the afterlife waiting room, scoring a second chance at life (and love!) if she can find him on earth before ten days are up…

If she wasn’t dead already, Delphie would be dying of embarrassment. Not only did she just die by choking on a microwaveable burger, but now she’s standing in her ‘shine like a star’ nightie in front of the hottest man she’s ever seen. And he’s smiling at her. As they start to chat, everything else becomes background noise. That is until someone comes running out of a door, yelling something about a huge mistake, and sends the dreamy stranger back down to earth. And here Delphie was thinking her luck might be different in the afterlife.

 When Delphie is offered a deal in which she can return to earth and reconnect with the mysterious man, she jumps at the opportunity to find her possible soulmate and a fresh start. But in a city of millions, Delphie is going to have to listen to her heart, learn to ask for help, and perhaps even see the magic in the life she’s leaving behind…


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