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It Happened on Christmas Eve is out now!

I wrote a novella! I love a funny, festive read and a few years ago I had an idea for a book about two people who were stuck together over the course of once night. I decided to merge that idea with my love for all things Christmas and the result is It Happened on Christmas Eve!

This story follows grumpy Phoebe and ultra-charming Adam who spend one long and flirty Christmas Eve together in the gorgeous borough of Notting Hill, a place where I used to live! It was so lovely to imagine my characters arguing and flirting and causing mischief around my old stomping ground.

This particular idea, because it's set over the course of one night, suited a shorter format, hence the novella length (20,000 words).

As a little bonus, in the back of It Happened on Christmas Eve, there's also an exclusive first chapter excerpt of my next full length novel as well as a title reveal.

I hope you enjoy Phoebe and Adam's story! You can grab it here on Amazon. It's also in Kindle Unlimited!

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