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MY NAME Is kirsty
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I was born in the 80s and raised in a small-town just outside of Manchester. I'm a full-time writer of books that (I hope) will make people laugh, escape and feel brilliant. Sometimes I get obsessed with things. Mostly comedy, American TV, booze, glitter, memoirs, perfume, books about cool lasses, musical theatre, typography, Saturday Night Live, my dog Charlie (the greatest dog in town), happy people, unexpected adventures and cheese.

I LOVE hearing from happy readers. I really do. It's good for my ego. Jk. Kind of. Seriously, though, I have made some lovely friends out of people who have found me via my books. And there's nothing nicer than having a 'hello' with the guys who make it possible for you to do what you do. You can email me directly on kirsty@novelicious.com or press one of the buttons below to reach me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I also send out a cool newsletter with giveaways, promotions and news about upcoming books . There's a sign up link on my homepage or you can just click here!